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This number can allegedly solve all of your spam SMS issues in the UAE. You can block any shortcode / sender ID by sending b senderID to 7726. This works on etisalat and du (no, we don’t have any other provider here). Full list of commands supposedly available:

  • b senderID – block senderID
  • u senderID – unblock sender ID
  • ball – block all, although I’m not sure if this includes SMS from regular numbers or just alphanumeric sender IDs (judging from the reports it seems reasonable to assume that nobody else does either)
  • uall – unblock all
  • get – fetch list of blocked shortcodes
  • help – help

I hope this actually works.

100 things or less

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Here’s an article of Sebastian Kuepers, who got rid of most of this physical belongings and down to a 100 items. Unfortunately he doesn’t list these things and also doesn’t explain the way he counts. The definition of a „thing“ is missing. In the comments he explains that one pair of socks counts as one thing – this makes perfect sense to me, but I wonder how he handles less obvious cases. Take this camera:

Camera and accessoriesHow many „things“ do you count? One thing called „camera and accessories“ or eight items? Neither makes much sense. Just the camera body without a battery or SD card is plain useless so these three things could easily be counted as one, but you wouldn’t need the spare battery / SD card to make the camera work.

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