A short trip to Budapest

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Professional obligations, an unexpected public holiday in Europe and limited flight availability resulted in me being in Budapest for four days. Fortunately, for the training that was the purpose of my stay only two of those were required (but then, one of them was a Friday, which is part of my weekend) . This left me with two (half) days to stroll around the city and discover Budapest.

So after leaving the plane and finding a shop that sells tickets for the public transport – because, umm, why should we put up one of those modern credit card accepting ticket vending machines at the airport, when they’re already all over the rest of the city? – so after getting my tickets and boarding the bus, I at first had to stow away the I-expect-things-to-be-new-and-shiny attitude that Dubai somehow forced upon me in the last months. Luckily, it only took a few minutes (although the missing AC didn’t help) and once done, a nice trip lay ahead of me.

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A Facebook update in „real life“

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Nice sketch, except that Facebook is nothing like your digital home. It’s a public space in which you’re a guest. The owner is free to make any change he wants and you are free to leave. Facebook is not your home, it’s more like a hotel dirt cheap hostel or a commune. You can stay for free but in return have to accept a mutable environment and the immutable speakers in the ceiling which present you special offers all the time even though you were never asking for them. They’re still better than cameras, but I for one wouldn’t consider this a home anyway.

If you want a digital home, get some webspace and your own domain. Depending on your demand and skills, it costs somewhere between 1 € and 7.5 € a month, with plenty of options in between. With a WordPress fundament, some IFTTT plaster and thousands of interiors decorators and craftspeople you can easily have a nice digital place of your own. And the best thing: you don’t even need to leave all your loved stuff in your not-so-loved commune – with reclaim.fm you’ll soon have a moving company at your side to ease the transition. It’s a few hours of work for which you get your own digital home. Fully under your control, with plenty of room to grow and expand, ad free.

Once you feel comfortable, get out and use a feed reader to roam the neighborhood world.

Slightly related: Why would Facebook put a bookshelf in your room, when ebook readers are all the rage?

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