Google Now

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The Verge paid a visit to the Googleplex to talk about Google Now and the upcoming changes in Android 4.2. There’s one sentence, that will – especially in Germany – make people go mad:

“Of course Google’s going to access more than just the public information on the web,” Scott Huffman, Engineering Director for Search Quality at Google tells us, “Google’s going to know when my flight is, whether my package has gotten here yet and where my wife is and how long it’s going to take her to get home this afternoon. […] Of course, Google knows that stuff.”

The possibilities arising from the fact, that Google knows stuff about me, are exactly why I really like Google and where it’s heading. Just take a look at the screenshots in the article or watch the video. This is exiting, or as The Verge calls it: „it’s more than just a feature, it’s a beta test for the future.“ Indeed.