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So according to Google Latitude I traveled another 11 000 km since my last post. This is a slight increase compared to the first milestone – as was to be expected, since this one includes my trip to London. I think from now on I will regularly check the Latitude stats and offer some analysis here:

Current milestone:

  • Distance traveled: 11 153 km (from 10 602 km to 21 755 km)
  • Time passed: 112 days
  • ETA at the moon: 2022-02-24

Last milestone:

  • Distance traveled: 10602 km (from 0 km to 10 602 km)
  • Time passed: 118 days
  • ETA at the moon: 2023-03-15


  • Distance traveled: 21 755 km
  • Time passed: 230 days
  • ETA at the moon: 2022-08-24

Latitude October 2012

So in roughly ten years I’ll have traveled the distance to the moon. Considering the fact that I already walk this world for 26 years, chances are that I’ve „been there“ – and maybe even made the way back. I’m hardly the only one traveling that much – actually, I think it’s not even that much. Just look at Andrea, who’s been to Ghana (German) recently and Malawi before. The world is small: everything seems just a few hours away and perfectly within reach. Amazing.

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