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Depending on how often you read the blog or meet me in person, you may know that I hate paper (German) and prefer non-urgent phone calls (German) to be scheduled by mail or IM in advance. However, there’s no rule without an exception, so here we go:

  1. My to-do list is a hybrid digital/paper solution. Everything that needs to be done more than once and/or later than tomorrow will go to „Remember the Milk„, which is then used as the basis for my daily paper-based to-do list. This workflow may change though, because I consider it a botchy workaround. Just today I heard of Eisenhower which hopefully will be available for Android too.
  2. I don’t schedule birthday phone calls I just ring people up. And I actually like being called on my birthday :)
  3. Postcards: I love getting postcards and hence send many of them. It doesn’t matter they’re from paper, but there’s another problem with postcards – most of them are ugly and touristy so I’d like to use my own pictures. Also, the Royal Mail seems to be unable to deliver something from their royal island to Germany (or any other place outside the UK) in less than ten days. I’m tempted to try Postagram next time.

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