Google Apps migration aftermath – Missing chatlogs

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So after successfully migrating mail, calendar & co. to and using it for roughly 10 days, I noticed a problem: some chat logs didn’t show up in Gmail. As it turns out, the reason for this behavior is Google+. If two people circled each other, they don’t need to authorize each other for chatting. The contacts also show up in the chat list in Gmail. So pretty much everything is fine, except for the fact, that the chats are not logged.

How to recognize these contacts?

There’re several ways to discover these contacts.

  1. In the chat list in the Gmail web interface hover over each contact so that the window displaying contact details appears. While authorized contacts will show a name, the current status and an email address, the G+ contacts will not have an email address.
  2. Have a chat with a contact you suspect to be not authorized and then look for the logs. You can use the is:chat operator in the Gmail search.
  3. If you use a third-party chat client look at the jabber id of the other contact. If it’s an actual email address you’re authorized – if it’s $some [dot] hash [at] public [dot] talk [dot] google [dot] com it’s only from auto-adding from Google+
  4. If you already had a chat with some of these contacts open your address book in Gmail and search for * – but be aware: if you didn’t chat with the other party yet, this address is not yet added to the contact details.

How to solve the problem and get chat logs for further chats?

That’s easy: Just search for your contact in the chat „search people“ field. If you search by name, it will show up twice – choose the one with an actual email address an hit the „invite to chat“ button. Your buddy will have to accept this request on Google+.

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